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ZimFirst maps the bright future for Zimbabwe


ZimFirst maps the bright future for Zimbabwe

Pastor Patson Mukucha, Director ZimFirst Operations, Northern Region addresses Zimbabwe People First (ZimFirst) Operation Officers

 Watmore Makokoba

 On 12th November 2016 Zimbabwe People First (ZimFirst) operations officers gathered in Harare under the theme “True Leadership: The Missing Element and Zimfirst Solution”.  In the fruitful and highly politically technical meeting attended by Operations Directorate Constituency Officers from Harare Constituencies, the leaders gave credence to ZimFirst’s celebrated methodical, meticulous and thorough planning approach to 2018 watershed elections. In the meeting, whose primary objective was to put in place a solid campaign program for 2017 members were highly motivated and enthusiastic and it was refreshing to see new faces in Zimbabwean politics ready to delve into the murky waters of Zimbabwean politics. ZimFirst Ops Director Pastor Mukucha for Northern Region outlined ZimFirst;s next phase in Harare that will begin with forming formalized structures in all the capital’s constituencies, an exercise that will be replicated nationwide. In addition, the Zimbabwe People First (ZimFirst) leaders got the rare opportunity to discuss issues that will make the party move forward in preparation for 2018 elections.

Zimbabwe People First Operations Director Pastor Patson Mukucha implored the members of the party to continue in the spirit of unity, sacrifice and workmanship

‘We should work for the people, servant leadership, sacrificing for the suffering people of Zimbabwe, Zimbabwe People First (ZimFirst) is a new force that is sweeping over, it’s coming with fresh legs, fresh ideas and an untainted name, Zimbabwe needs a messiah and Dr. Zeb Maxwell Shumba is our leader who will lead us crossing Jordan to the desired Canaan,” said Pastor Mukucha.

In his speech delivered by Pastor Mukucha, Dr. Zeb Maxwell Shumba said one of the most important fact that the people of Zimbabwe should know is that ZimFirst comes with a new untainted force that is set to relieve people from hardships they have suffered for so long.

“Many people don’t know what it is like to have a different government. We are UNTAINTED, Clean and fresh so we should not be a hard sell. We do not have anyone’s blood on our hands and hearts. Most Zimbabweans are looking for that. Everyone is dreaming of a better life. A life of good health and prosperity is a birthright of every Zimbabwean. Do not believe the lie that we have been told for the past 34 years which says only a few deserve to live well while the rest of the population suffers on the fringes of marginalized existence. After this planning meeting, let us form formalized structures. In doing so we should not lie to people promising that we cannot afford”, said Dr Shumba.

“Zimbabwe is in bondage because of the culture of petty projects. We should break away from that. Our manifesto is solid; it is refreshing and is the best on the land. Our manifesto is the principal driver of our growth as a party. Therefore, selling our manifestos is our primary focus and should be an endeavor that excites every Constituency officer. When you sell our manifesto, you are not selling empty wish lists, but total change through the harnessing of our strength and wealth which we will do thorough actions that bring accountability, unity and honesty. Let us develop leadership in everyone. Let us be servant leaders who are willing to endure a little discomfort for the”, he said.

In attendance to this important meeting were the party’s operations officers from different constituencies around the country.

Zimbabwe People First Harare Constituency Operations Directorate meeting in pictures



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